Terms and conditions of sale

1. Prices are in euros, excluding taxes.

2. Carriage costs: shall in principle be borne by the customer. Deliveries may be made carriage-paid in part or in full depending on their destination and the shipment quantity.

3. Term of payment for new clients: the first shipment will be sent upon advance payment by transfer. The goods will be sent upon receipt of the monies due.

4. Term of payment for long-term clients: net, 30 days from the date of invoice, where no more than one invoice is outstanding. The term shall run from the date of despatch to the date on which our account is credited. Penalties for late payment: 1.5% per month.

5. Delivery times: as indicated, as a guideline, on the order acknowledgements; delivery times may vary depending on stocks or for other reasons.

6. The consignee bears all risks for the carriage of our goods. Our goods are payable at our registered offices. The consignee is responsible for notifying any damages or losses to the final carrier. Any claims for damages or loss must be made by registered letter with return receipt within three days of delivery.

7. The prices stated in our offers are subject to change without prior notice, in line with cost prices or currency fluctuations.

8. Failure to pay by the due date shall automatically incur commercial interest and entitle us to block deliveries. As a result of failure to pay, all outstanding amounts shall fall immediately due, as shall a penalty compensation for damages equal to 15% of the amounts due, in addition to any legal costs and fees.

9. Ownership of the supplied goods shall remain with us until the price thereof has been paid in full.

10. We reserve the right to alter our product specifications without prior notice. No change to or withdrawal of an item shall entail compulsory delivery or payment of damages.

11. We advise our customers to always submit our products to a thorough test before placing an order, and to read the most current product data sheet, which is available on request. Customers shall be liable for any test that is performed.

12. Our liability shall, without exception, be limited to the billed price of the supplied goods. Under no circumstances may we be subject to a claim for higher damages for loss of earnings, compensation to clients, delay damages, disruption to business, costs incurred by the use of our products, personal injury or damage to property that may arise from the said use. Users are solely responsible for the use of our products. The warranty provided for in article 1641 of the French Civil Code is expressly waived by the parties.

13. Any claims must be submitted together with the returned faulty products within one month from the receipt of the goods.

14. Customers must store our products in their original packaging, away from light, in well kept and hygienic premises.

15. Force majeure: in the event of an unforeseeable and unavoidable event (e.g. of a political, social, climatic or economic nature), our company shall be released from all its obligations towards its customers.

16. Any dispute in relation to the payment of invoices, the quality of delivered products, delivery times, shall come under the sole jurisdiction of the courts within whose area of jurisdiction our registered offices fall, including in the event of the introduction of third parties or multiple respondents. Our carriage-paid deliveries, bills and acceptance of payment shall not constitute a substitution or waiver of this competence clause. An amicable waiver of these terms may not be cited as constituting a precedent.

17. These terms and conditions shall be binding on the purchaser, regardless of conflicting or other terms and conditions indicated on its purchase orders or business documents.

18. Any challenge relating to the fulfilment of orders shall fall under the sole jurisdiction of the commercial courts of Saint Etienne regardless of the terms of sale and method of payment and including in the event of the introduction of third parties and of multiple respondents.

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