Precaution of use

  • All of our materials have been controlled during their manufacturing. It is important that you read the instruction sheet, check which textile you have and then use the appropriate flex.

  • After years of experience, Chemica has developed bench-mark data, which allows us to provide the customer with technical advice and recommendation for use. Due to the heat properties of textiles, this can only be a recommendation and not a guarantee.

  • In any case, trials must be done before. Heat pressing temperatures must be respected, and the success of the adhesion lies in this.

  • Cutter settings vary depending on manufacturer. Select the correct blade depending on the thickness of flex or flock. Tune the correct depth in order to get a good weeding.

  • Dependant on product type, you will be recommended to peel the transparent-backing from the transfer either when it is hot or cold.

  • All materials should be stocked out of direct sun-light.

  • Follow temperature guidelines when washing all garments.

  • Chemica guarantees to replace any item that is defective. This is the warranty and no others are expressed or implied. In order to make a claim, please send a sample of the material to Chemica including its reference number.

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