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With experience spanning several decades, CHEMICA makes and distributes a wide range of high quality, heat transfer products for the textile market.
Due to the large and strong network of clients and sponsors that we have developed over time, CHEMICA now delivers across a number of industries ranging from individual ornamental decorative orders to large-scale global requirements such as those for international sports companies.
CHEMICA's cutting-edge reputation can be attributed to our innovative ideas combined with years of industry experience and it is our avid intention to constantly strengthen this image as the market leader within its domain. For over ten years, CHEMICA has delivered fine products of 60 microns and is, now, the first manufacturer to deliver a fashion range into the market.
Permanently evolving, this fashion range has recently developed a high-spec "3D" product, which is exceptional in its methodology to maintain its "3D" aspect even after heat-pressing.


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The majority of our products benefit from the Oeko-tex® label, which is a fully-certified label demonstrating that the product is compliant with health and safety regulations within the standard class tests of 100 - class I and II.
As our products can be in direct contact with the skin and in order to obtain the above safety-certified label, all products are checked to ensure that they are free from the following:



- formaldehyde,
- heavy metals,
- pesticides,
- chloroprene,
- TBT,
- Aryl amines colouring agents,
- Plastic coating.


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Due to the increasing market of printable transfer film, we have enlarged our range, including, fashions printables as Glitter print, reflex print, leather print.

All our products are tested when producing, in order to guarantee the best quality and easiness to use them.


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